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Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Game Footage And Screenshots

Some screenshots and gameplay video from Hideo Kojima’s Overdose horror game have started circulating on several private Discord servers.

Last June, a rumor broke out regarding the elusive, new project by Hideo Kojima, a new horror game called Overdose. The designer of Death Stranding has not yet confirmed or denied the news, although there has been a lot of talk about it recently. Check out the leaked gameplay footage and screenshots of the Overdose game below.

Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Game Footage and Screenshots Leaks Out

The release of some mysterious posters seems to point to the fact that Kojima is now about to announce its upcoming games. Now according to new leaks, the mysterious game from Hideo Kojima, Overdose, has shown up again, but in some private Discord servers.

The well-known video game insider, Tom Henderson, has in fact learned that some screenshots from Kojima’s horror game Overdose have started circulating in several unidentified Discord servers. Sources provided some images of the game, which show the Death Stranding Mama actress (Margaret Qualley) wearing a blue dress. You can check the same screenshots below.

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In addition, the gameplay video of Overdose has been also leaked in the last few hours, which confirms the rumors circulating on the net.

Various websites stumbled upon a gameplay recording of Overdose, which leaked online on Streamable. We know that this is precisely the game in question since the character in the video seems to be played by Margaret Qualley.

In fact, we see the protagonist wandering through dark corridors, with some enemies that appear from time to time and that seem to be of a supernatural type.

At the end of the video, the camera closes on the face of the terrified character and the words “Game Over”, which then turns into the title “Overdose” followed by a sentence that leaves very little room for doubt, namely “A Hideo Kojima game”.

Interestingly, the recording does not come directly from the game, but from a normal mobile phone. This means that the footage – which could be removed at any moment – was taken by someone.

It was previously rumored that Kojima was partnering with Xbox to make a cloud-based game, but it’s unclear if Overdose is that project.

In any case, this whole thing seems to point to the fact that Kojima is now about to announce its upcoming game, perhaps at The Game Awards 2022 in December.

You can check the Overdose gameplay footage below.

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