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Sony Reportedly Partnered With NCSoft To Create A Horizon MMORPG

NCsoft, a studio known for the Lineage series, would be developing with Sony an MMORPG dedicated to the adventures of Aloy, namely Horizon.

Horizon Forbidden West has been available for several months, although apparently, the series may still have something to say with a new project dedicated to the franchise. According to reports, Sony and NCSoft have teamed together to make a new Horizon MMORPG game. Check out the complete details below.

Sony Reportedly Partnered with NCSoft to Make a Horizon MMORPG

The adventure set in the Horizon Forbidden West does not seem to want to put an end to it. No, we are not talking about the virtual reality version coming to the launch of the new PlayStation VR2 headset, but about a game that could belong to a completely different genre.

According to a report on ResetEra, Sony would have started a collaboration with NCsoft to develop an MMO based on the Horizon franchise. NCsoft, a studio known for the Lineage series, is in fact developing a new game using the IP of Sony’s flagship franchise dedicated to the adventures of Aloy.

A trusted source said the following: “NC and NC have tentatively agreed to promote a business partnership to create a new game using Sony’s promising game IP. NCsoft’s internal development team is making it. After starting game development, discussions are underway in the form of ‘pre-development and post-negotiation’ in which the two companies discuss collaboration and business partnership. There is a possibility that it will lead to a comprehensive partnership such as development.”

In the face of this, it seems that Sony’s intention is to expand the boundaries of the saga created by Guerrilla Games as much as possible. The next release of NCSoft is the MMORPG Throne & Liberty, due out worldwide in 2023. The company might talk about the game details either at G-Star or at TGA 2022 in the coming month.

We will keep you posted when we get more information about this new Horizon MMORPG game, so stay tuned to our website

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